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Eco-Green Solutions is a company whose focus is to eliminate the housing shortage through its distribution of a proprietary panel system that eliminates the need for sticks and bricks in the construction process. The construction industry, specifically in residential housing, has yet to find a way to reduce build time. Combined with the labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and rising interest rates, many potential homebuyers have been priced out of the market due to a developer’s inability to lower their own costs. 

It is estimated that an additional 1.2 billion housing units will need to be built by 2045 to meet the housing needs. The only way to do that is to change the way we build. Our panel system alleviates many of the factors hampering the market today in that it’s built by simply using the proprietary panel, polyurethane connectors, and an adhesive. Any relatively unskilled laborer should be able to dry-in within just a few days. This allows developers and builders to move from project to project more rapidly, eliminating many of the subs typically required, and increases the IRR significantly.

Sustainable Housing

Highly Efficient

Weather Resistant

Quick Build Times

The Technology

This proprietary panel system utilizes a polystyrene foam core that is encapsulated with its patented thermoplastic laminate. This panel system replaces traditional framing and insulation while eliminating multiple steps in the building process, adding the bottom line for developers and builders. The panels weigh significantly less than traditional walls, are easily maneuvered, and are precision cut in the factory to meet the needs of most building types. A typical residential home can be delivered on a flat bed, panels are unloaded in the order at which they’re erected, and no hammer or nails are needed. This is the most urban friendly build site to date.

The panel also acts as a roofing system so upon completion the structure is completely monolithic. The structure is so tight that it requires an air exchanger upon installation, thus significantly reducing the size of the HVAC unit required and monthly energy costs. These are the most energy efficient structures on the market today providing almost twice the R-value of a conventional home. This creates very little stress on the energy grid which we believe is a crucial aspect to successfully eliminating the housing shortage. As industries continue to make strides in becoming more energy efficient, unfortunately the cost associated has continued to rise and consumers are having those passed along to them. With the tax credits associated with these builds due to the high energy efficiency, the developer is able to recapture many costs in the first two years.

In addition to the time, labor, and energy savings provided, our system is not subject to product shortages or commodity price changes for lumber and other building materials. All of this is done having only 5% of the construction waste of a stick-built home while being mold, mildew, fire, and chloride resistant, thus creating the healthiest living environment in the market today.

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